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Andy Warhol, Skulls, c. 1976, screenprint
on paper. Courtesy of the Andy Warhol
Museum, Pittsburgh.
The Skull Show
June 12 August 31, 2014

Closing our season, the Bedford will narrow its focus to the physical and historical world of the skull. The Skull Show examines the role that skulls have played in the historical register, as memento mori, traditional religious icons, and vanitas themes in still life paintings. The Skull Show will also highlight the role the skull has played in the contemporary arts, exploring its appearance in counter cultures such as skate, surf, tattoo, as well as urban graffiti projects.

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Curriculum Connection: Experience the concept and use of skulls in art contemporary and art history, and learn about how—for centuries—the skull has been used as a cultural icon.

Art Project: Create your own skull using everything from glitter and beads to fabric and fur.

Walnut Creek Turns 100: Celebrating the City Through Art
Fall 2014

In honor of Walnut Creek's upcoming centennial, the Bedford Gallery will host an exhibition titled Walnut Creek Turns 100: Celebrating the City Through Art. This exhibition is a call to artists for artwork that reflects Walnut Creek's rich history, its land, commerce, community, and culture, both past and present. Walnut Creek Turns 100 is open to our community who live or work in town, and to all those who love Walnut Creek.

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